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Women’s Holiday Outfit Ideas

Getting busy during the holidays is not unusual. And by busy, we mean curling up on the couch to watch some holiday movies. Also,  family reunions, party planning, cooking and baking as well as gift shopping may kick the thought of putting an outfit together right out of your mind. These activities can be distracting (and rightly so) and you may not give putting together an outfit your best at that moment. Not to worry, in this article, you will find the best holiday outfit ideas which saves you the worry of thinking of one yourself.

(Ps: The amazing ideas we have put together works well for Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New year!)

Holiday Outfit Ideas

knitted Sweaters

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Knitted sweaters are cozy but absolutely fashionable. It makes it perfect for the holidays when the weather is chill. You can pair your sweater with a jean or skirt. If they are oversized enough, you can wear them alone and add a waist belt for an extra look.

And for your feet, bless them with a nice pair of boots!

Slip dresses

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For a stunning and chic look, slip dresses will never disappoint! If the weather seems a little too cold, you can throw on a knitted sweater. Yes, we’ve seen people make fashion statements with sweaters over slip dresses.

If that seems daring to you, you will make a statement regardless with a coat. Don’t forget the dainty jewelries!

Faux fur coats

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Faux fur coats sure makes a woman look elegant and classy. To totally pull off this look while at the same time feeling cozy, pair it with a turtle neck and knee-length pair of boots.

Lounge wears

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And who says you can’t look stylish in your lounge wears? Absolutely no one! To match this comfy pair, you can let down your hair and pack your hair in a high pony tail. Depending on your style and comfort, you can complete your fit with a pair of stiletto heels or sneakers.

Blazer dress

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We cannot and we will be not get over the many stunning ways you can style a blazer dress. If you are looking to go simple and stylish however, your blazer dress alone is more than enough. To take it up a notch, pair it with nice jewelry studs, a purse and a pretty pair of heels.

Pro tip:

Image source: Pinterest

Whichever outfit you come up with this holiday remember to throw in some colors to blend in! Red is absolutely not a boring color idea but if you’re not a fan of bright colors, emerald green is just as good.



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