First Date

What To Wear On A First Date

It can be challenging to choose an outfit for a first date. It’s essential to leave a positive impression on her, but you don’t want to appear overly desperate. You want to be yourself a little bit, but you also don’t want it to be too laid back. 

Don’t worry. Whatever your style is, there are a ton of outfits you can put together to dazzle her without appearing to have spent hours fretting over your look.

Woo Her In A White Shirt

First Date

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We can assure you that no woman in the world is resistant to the allure of this sassy classic. White shirts are for men what dresses are for women; they are unquestionably essentials and when worn correctly, can instantly make you look like a fashion icon. They make you look very sophisticated and aren’t just for the boardroom. 

Play in Print Paradise

Print Outfit

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If you can style prints appropriately for the occasion, there is never a wrong time to wear prints. We advise keeping it subtle yet assertive for your first date. This means the exact opposite of large, loud, or colorful motifs. As long as you know how to wear them with the appropriate pairings, it should be easy to style standout patterns on shirts, t-shirts, or jackets. 

Blow Her Mind in Black

First Date

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If you ask any male his favorite color, he would undoubtedly say black! This should come as no surprise to anyone because black is always in.

It’s a timeless color for your outfit and makes a statement everywhere you go. Black is the best color to pick if bright colors make you uncomfortable. You may customize it any way you choose, whether you add hints of different colors or leave it simple.

A Dapper Look with Blue Suit Combinations

Blue Suit Outfits

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I promised you casual wear for men, but semi-casual clothes are also appropriate for a date. A dapper blue suit will win you extra points with your special lady and ensure that there will be further dates.

If a dramatic blue tone isn’t your style, give in to a pastel version. Finish the look with white shoes and a white t-shirt! You might also decide to wear only a jacket and substitute jeans for pants.

Look Dreamy In Denim

Denim outfits

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The nicest thing about denim is that it’s a fashion statement rather than just a fabric. It allows for a lot of creativity and can be paired with just about anything in your mind.

Put a baseball cap and a denim jacket over a t-shirt, and show it off with a pair of neutral-colored pants.


With these outfits, you will sure make a good first impression. You can also check out Fashion Pieces That Will Not Go Out Of Style.





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