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Valentine’s day, which is also known as Saint valentine’s day, is a day when people all around the world show love and affection to their family and friends. This is symbolized by gifts giving, celebrations in churches, within homes and organizations.

Its 4 days to Valentine’s day and i thought, what better way than to do a shoot inspired by this beautiful day.


As a creator i wanted to express my love for fashion and beauty by putting this memorable day in art form. I wanted to represent and portray an irresistibly powerful & sexy Woman. Not just a fragile being that should be sent flowers and gifts.


In collaboration with the vibrant and ever radiant Leezglam, this was brought to life. She totally killed it as she gave me a valentine’s day inspired glam to die for. Her passion and patience is so out of this world. I totally recommend her. You can contact her via Instagram @_LeezGlam_ for your Face beat.


I also had help from the super talented and very professional  Larry Gold  . Working with him was a delight. This was my first time creating content with him and i look forward to working with him again.

LarryGold Photography


Took us less than a day to plan and execute this. Told him what i wanted and boom! It was done flawlessly. Larry Gold Photography is one you can trust for good results for your photography. I must say i don’t regret my decision. You should try him out as well. You can contact him via Instagram @LarryGoldph .

                                                         OUTFIT DETAILS

This shoot would never have been complete without this Gorgeous dress from STL Fashion House. STL is a Womens fashion brand that makes their own fashion pieces. As well as retail for other reliable fashion brands. They have pieces ranging from Jewelry, clothing to shoes.

I wrote about the launch of the Online store of this amazing fashion brand in one of my previous posts. Read here

So, if you want this dress you can go via this link to get yours Click Here

If you want to check out Behind the scene  of the shoot CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment in the comment section for inquiries, if you have any.

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