Fun Activities in Lagos
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Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Lagos

Lagos is a city bubbling with life. You can never run short of activities to open your mind to a new world and give you that adrenaline rush. 

You can visit the mainland and Lagos Island, which feature historical museums and vibrant markets or cross the lagoon to the rich, metropolitan Victoria Island, where upscale restaurants and retail options compete for space with private beach resorts. Here are the top 5 things to do in Lagos, the city that never sleeps.


Explore the Beaches

 Fun Activities in Lagos

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If you love to sip cocktails while watching the waves of the ocean, there’s no better place to have that in Nigeria than a city situated on the shores of the Atlantic. 

Lagos is filled with many beautiful beaches. Suppose you don’t love the frenzy and jamborees of Elegushi, La Campagne Tropicana, or Eleko Beach. In that case, you definitely enjoy the private and quieter beaches like Atican, Tarkwa Bay, and Landmark Leisure Beach.

Immerse Yourself in the Lagos Nightlife.

New Afrika Shrine

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Lagos is the city for you if you enjoy dancing and listening to great tunes. It provides everything from open-air beach bars to nightclubs with star DJs and VIP table service, and it has a reputation for having some epic, anything-goes nightlife.

Visit New Afrika Shrine, a 2,500-person club established in Fela Kuti’s memory. His sons Femi, Seun, and Made frequently perform, and there is an extremely popular disco night every Friday. The facility is renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, amazing dancers of all backgrounds and classes, and excellent music.

Other places to enjoy the nightlife include Club Quilox, Cubana Night Club, Escape Nightlife, Club57, and many more.

Relish Africa’s Rich History in Museums

National Museum Lagos

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Lagos is a wonderful place to learn about the nation’s history while it is still being written, and there is no better way to understand a culture than through its museums.

You can travel back in time through the arts and artifacts in the National Museum and National Gallery of Modern Art. See the wonderful art made from trash at The Junkyard Museum of Awkward Things. Vintage Africana will transport you back to a more upbeat era. You can visit the Badagry Heritage Museum to reflect on the legacy of slavery. Or learn about Fela, the afrobeat legend, at the Kalakuta Museum.

Buy Things the Open-Air Markets

Lagos Open Markets

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There are numerous outdoor markets across Lagos where you can buy anything from fabrics to household items to computers (there is even a renowned “Computer Village”).

The Lekki Crafts Market is unquestionably the most well-liked and easily accessible market for travelers. However, visit the sizable Balogun Market on Lagos Island for a more indigenous experience.

Experience Africa’s Longest Canopy Walks  in the Lekki Conservation Center


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The Lekki Conservation Centre tops most lists of activities to do in Lagos, and it’s understandable why with so many opportunities for outdoor recreation and environmental immersion.

The vast expanse of green space stands in stark contrast to the rest of the city, which is mostly made of concrete. It embodies a peaceful sanctuary of wildlife, nature, and serenity hidden inside one of the busiest cities on earth.

Now that you know the fun things to do in Lagos, it’s time to step out and enjoy every moment. If you’re traveling alone, check out our guide on how to travel solo.




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