Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

It usually seems strange to travel solo cause, most times people want to travel in groups and have fun as a group. But as humans, we also feel the need to go places alone, especially when we want to detox and clear our heads. When you travel solo comes there are perks, you’ll enjoy too.

However, if you have been unsure about it, the following list might just change your mind about travelling alone.

1.   You Do Things at Your Own Pace

When travelling we always have a list of things we would like to do while at the destination. Travelling alone means doing these things whenever you feel like it. You might decide at the last minute to do one before the other one and no one would complain as there won’t be a clash of interests. You go out, eat, and visit places at your will and convenience.

2.   You Get to Meet More People

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

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Travelling alone also means that you get ample opportunity to meet new people and connect more with other people. You make new friends and get to explore the diversification that comes with going to a new place. Travelling with someone or as a group, means you are stuck with the same people you came with, for the duration of the trip and therefore, gives you no space to really mix with people.

3.   There’s No Pressure on Your Budget

Travelling alone means you know your budget for the trip and will not strain or stretch it beyond your own comfortable limit. You do what you can afford and aren’t guilt-tripped into doing activities that are above your budget. Things like shopping can be done according to your budget and what you can afford.

4.   You Will Really Get to Know Yourself

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

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Going to a new place alone, helps you get to know yourself. You test your limits and boundaries and simply get to be independent in a new place. This gives you a major confidence boost.

5.   You Own Your Time

Solo travel alone means you get to spend as much time as you want, in a particular place. You are not rushing to leave or go somewhere else when you don’t want to. You soak everything in and hold memories that won’t be fleeting.

6.   Less Baggage

You get to travel light. When it’s just you, you only carry luggage for one person according to your convenience. You don’t have to worry about the baggage of friends or family and can fit your baggage anywhere.

7.   Reduced Anxiety

When you travel with someone or people, you feel responsible for them. This means that you are worried about more people than yourself. You worry about their comfort, enjoyment, feeding, etc.

8.   You Learn More

Going on a trip alone gives you an opportunity to learn more about the place you travelled to. You get to be present and involved in what is happening around you.

9.   It’s Easier to Plan

The stress of planning is reduced when you plan just for yourself. It’s easier to find a single spare seat on a last-nanosecond flight. Plus, you don’t have to coordinate work and holiday schedules for multiple people.

10.  You Get to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Travelling alone gives you the time to do things you are scared of doing, without fear of being judged by the people you travelled with.


As much as travelling with people or as a group is enjoyable, there are endless benefits of travelling solo. If you’ve travelled solo, do tell us if you agree with all the pros mentioned above, and would you advice your friends to travel solo?

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