THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!

The fab skin is a Nigerian skincare retail brand. They have products for all skin types and also offer consultations for finding solutions to skin challenges. In the beginning of their operation, they took orders via Instagram (@TheFabSkin). Now, to further satisfy their customers they are launching a website to ease placing of orders for a seamless customer experience.

This will also display all available products, to enable the customer easily find the products they need. This website is launching tomorrow 8th January, 2021. Customers will be able to shop right away. Guess what? For all orders above 35k, freebies will be included. This is valid from 8th-15th of January,2021.

While you can filter for best selling, budget and newness of stock. Payments can also be done within the site. Skincare product shopping was never made so easy.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


These are the variety of skincare product types you can shop for;


Moisturisers which help to prevent skin dryness from brands such as peach & lily, Good skin days etc.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


Serums are skincare products designed to provide high concentration of specific active ingredients like Vit C, Vit E and others, usually liquid or gel based and clear. They are less thick than moisturisers.


These are very important for the skins health. This helps to remove dirt from the skin providing a proper base for other skincare products.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


Toners are often used to reduce oiliness. We have acid toners, alcohol based toners, astringents and skin bracers for different skin types. You can shop for toners from Laneige, Nib+ Fab, Innisfree and more.



These are concentrated formulas targeted for wrinkles, dull, uneven skin tones and fine lines.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!

Eye care

In this category are products for eye care, manufactured to suit the sensitive skin around the eyes and helps with getting rid of eye bags.


There are lip care products to nurture the lips, protect them from the sun, dry effects like cold & wind and dust.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!



Face masks come with different ingredients to solve various skin care concerns. They help remove excess oils, hydrate as well as reduce pore appearance.


Sunblock is vital for the health of the skin, this is what sunscreens serve as. They usually come in spray, gel, lotion and foam formulas.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


Treatments & Scrubs

These are needed to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells that can be problematic.

Bath & Body

Here, we have products for washing the skin and taking baths. These are as vital as cleansers, cause they help wash the skin off of dirt.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!

Health & Wellness

Working on the inside, is just as principal as working on the outside. These products help to get results from the inside out, giving a healthy looking skin and improving bodily functions.

THE FAB SKIN: Website Launching Soon!


In conclusion, there are also bundles available. You can shop for bundles such as the Kylie skin set and Fenty Skin set. Yes, having trouble getting products from diaspora? This is the brand for you.

Remember, your skin is your foremost signature, take good care of it. Set your reminders people!



  • Orluhchi Luzel
    2 years ago

    Just saving up some money cause i will pamper my skin so well this 2021 . Fabskin to the world ❤️

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