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Stop procrastination with these 7 ways

Procrastination is a concept we are all familiar with. We have at one point thought it was okay to do things at the die minute because “there’s time anyways”. While we can let this slide at times, if you do this too often than normal, you might get too comfortable.

Or perhaps you already got comfortable, there are ways to stop procrastination. Getting things done on time gives you a sense of relief as well as self-discipline. Additionally, it makes you more productive than usual.

With the following 7 steps, you can stop procrastination, become more productive and even get more free time on your hands.

7 ways to stop procrastination


  • Make a clear plan

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Outlining your activities makes it less overwhelming. It also makes you look forward to doing them. You can simply do this by making a to-do list with a timeline. It helps a lot in a way that it starts to give you a sense of order. It lifts a notable amount of weight off your shoulders because now you can literally see the things you have to deal with. Watch how satisfying it is as you tick things off your to-do list.

  • Keep out distractions 

Taking out things that easily distract you can make you get things done faster. It makes you even faster. These distractions can be your phone or even your environment.

For better results, you can stay around people with the same goals as you. This will keep you motivated.

  • Declutter

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Getting things done in a jam packed environment is not encouraging. A tidy space gives you a sense of order. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air! Decluttering your environment, especially your room or workspace, does a lot of good to your mental health. Since you have a more conducive environment, you are encouraged to carry out your task in them.

  • Take baby steps

Although, the goal is to get things done before the due date, rushing to get things done may ruin the whole process. So do things one at a time. This is so you don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed. Or worse, disturb your state of mind which will end up giving you poor and unsatisfying results or no results at all. 

  • Set deadlines

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Setting your own deadlines aside from the original deadlines helps with time management. It helps you take notes on how fast you’re able to carry out some tasks and to know if you’re spending too much time on others.

  • Reward yourself 

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If you put aside your favorite show so you can get things done on time, you deserve a reward for that. You tend to get things done faster when you know a treat awaits you. To make this more practical, you can hand over your reward to someone. Then, have them give it to you only when you complete your tasks.

  • Take a breather 

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If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed however, it’s fine to take a break. You can take some time off to recharge. You can only do so much when you’re healthy anyways. So before you get knocked out from too much pressure, take some time off to wind up.



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