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SEE Lagos restaurant review

Restaurants these days should have a good combo of nice food and drinks, great customer service and a nice ambience to make it worth visiting or re-visiting. Personally, these are the things I look out for when visiting a new restaurant. Recently, I visited SEE Lagos restaurant and if you want to know if I’ll be re-visiting the restaurant, here’s my honest review.

SEE  Lagos restaurant is located at lekki phase 1, and from its structure, you can immediately tell that it is a beautiful restaurant. Being a foodie, I was really looking forward to having my meal brought to my table the moment I stepped in. But that can wait, let’s talk about the aesthetics first.


The atmosphere at the restaurant was soothing, calm, comfortable and really beautiful. Both the outdoor space and the inside of the restaurant had their own unique appearances. 

Outdoor space

The outside space also known as the greenery area is decorated with plants and flower pots. Some of these flowers and planting were also made to hang from a rack above. In this area, there are also chairs decorated with white and black stripes. This makes it a perfect spot for those who would like to enjoy fresh air and the beautiful scenery at the same time. The space was so pretty I couldn’t help but bring out my phone for a few camera clicks. An interesting thing I discovered at the outdoor space is that the plants and flowers are also for sale.

Indoor space

The indoor space is also a pretty sight. The couches looked nice and comfortable and the room was nicely lit. The stairwell too was unique in its own way. At the stairwell, they were typewriters hanging on the wall and I found the design interesting and brilliant. It also seemed like a nice place to take a picture.

Executive membership lounge

This area had a lot of  eye catching scenery. From the chandelier designed with wine cups at the bar, the paintings on the wall, a library section where you can rent books and the lounge itself. The lounge has minimal decorations to it but it is just perfect. From the lighting to the furniture and wall paintings. A 10/10 for me.

The convenience room

The convenience room is located upstairs and the way leading to it just screams ambience. The wall paintings at the passage on the way to the restroom makes it feel like you’re in your own mini art gallery. The room itself is calm and clean and after relieving yourself, you can’t help but just take some quick mirror selfies. I’ll also give it to them for the wooden doors in there.

Business conference room

No one is left out of the fun. The restaurant is a perfect place for a romantic date, a solo date, family date or a night out with friends. It is also a perfect place for business related affairs. I checked out the conference room and it seems like a suitable place to talk business and the minimal decor is just perfect.


It’s time to talk about food. Worth the wait, cos it’s fooddd. Anyone who loves food will be excited to talk about it. And I might have failed at masking my excitement when I got served.

At N12,950, I got Alfredo SeaFood Tagliatelle. It contained sautéed prawns and shrimps, fresh creme, black pepper dust and garlic butter. It tasted good and I’ll give it a 7 out of 10. I happily enjoyed my tagliatelle with nice music gently blasting from the speakers.


To compliment my food, I got a smoothie. It’s called the SEE blend and it contains a fantastic blend of fresh strawberries, banana, pineapples and mango. For N6,000, I had one of the best smoothies ever and I was willing to go for a second round. It looked and tasted really good and I’ll rate it 9.5/10.


The customer service was great and I had a warm and nice reception. Everyone carried out their role well from the security personnels to the attendants. I also requested a restaurant tour and my guide was willing and very helpful.

If you ask me if I’ll be visiting the restaurant again, it is a big yes for me. I also recommend you visit this restaurant if you’re looking to try one out. Every penny you spend there is definitely worth it.

You can visit SEE Lagos restaurant at 36B, Wole Ariyo street, Lekki Phase 1. You can also follow them on their instagram page for further information or enquiries about their menu or private dining @see_lagos.

For a more detailed tour of the restaurant, you can watch it on my YouTube channel here.



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