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Our Favourite 10 Glamorous Style Fits by Nancy Isime in 2020

Nancy Isime gave us some really sweet looks this past year. This iconic Tv Host knows just how to pull off any outfit any time, any day, any occasion.

She gave us one spectacular look to another. From wedding guest appearances, Movie premieres, Birthday glam, Brand Launches, Event Red carpet appearance etc, Nancy Isime looked breathtaking.

However, In todays post we will be focusing on our Favourite 10 looks from her in 2020.

Our Favourite 10 Glamorous Style Fits by Nancy Isime in 2020

I am going to be presenting them in order of preference. Would like to kindly emphasise that this is based solely on personal conviction.


Our Favourite 10 Glamorous Style Fits by Nancy Isime in 2020

This is my ultimate favourite look from her. Nancy slayed this to the AMVCA7. For me this was her most glamorous fit in 2020.

Styled by: @MedlinBoss

Dress: @XtrabrideLagos

MakeUp: @Bibyonce

Hair: @Kayzplace

Photography: @Lekeakindehinphotograhy


If any one knows how to give the right elegant pose its our baby girl. Love this dress she wore for the Kambili 30 yards Premiere, The bold sleeves did it for me.

Styled By: @Medlinboss

Dress: @Ericamoorebrand

MakeUp: @Bibyonce

Photography: @Steph_ad


Way to go sis! Owambe but change it up real nice. Trust this to be a stricking statement look at the wedding she was a guest at.

Styled By: @MedlinBoss

Aseobi Designed by: @XtrabridesLagos

MakeUp & Gele: @PerryPeaches

Photography: @OfficialPhotofreak


A White Sequine Dress never looked better. I like the detailed cuts on the side and down the neck line. Giving some skin but not too much in a subtle chic manner. Nancy Wore this outfit for the 50th birthday party of her boss Ayo Animashaun.

Dress: @Khavhia_woman

MakeUp: @Casskoncept1

Photography: @Lekeakindehinphotography


Our Favourite 10 Glamorous Style Fits by Nancy Isime in 2020

Where ever you are reading or going through this post, please give it up for the Shoulder bead detailing. That was the first thing that caught my attention as I saw this picture. ‘Power Girl’ is written all over this outfit and I believe she wore it perfectly well with her gold pumps.

Dress: @DarasCollectionFashion


What better dress to wear for a private Champagne wine tasting event? Once again with the right accessories the queen killed it effortlessly with a bit of skin to cap it off.

Event: Private Champagne tasting with @MoetChandon


Nancy graced the Tcm Brand ReLaunch with this outfit. The white stripe details on the edges took this simple look up a notch, and I love it.

Styled By: @MedlinBoss

Makeup: @PerryPeaches

Photography: @Officialphotofreak


I am a big fan of Volume & bold colours and this brown midi dress definitely speaks the volume close to my heart. She wore this to Host the Launch of @cartdeals Bag gallery.

Styled By: @MedlinBoss

Dress: @Ericamoorebrand

MakeUp: @Tmtbylayinka

Photography: @Officialphotofreak


The highlight of this dress is the floral fold just above the sleeves and the overlapping slit towards the lower section of the dress. Blue always has a way of popping ones skin Tone and it gave us a chance to gush over Nancy’s beautiful skin. She wore this to Aunty Kate’s ‘Figure K8 Pageant’.

Dress: @TotalWrap

Makeup: @Tmtbylayinka

Purse: @Pinkperfection_accessories

Photography: @DemolaDrew


Our Favourite 10 Glamorous Style Fits by Nancy Isime in 2020

Such an Angel! Last but definitely not the least is this Immaculate white dress. It is so elegant, it makes me think of Heaven.

Dress: @Darascollectionfashion

To conclude, I’d like to add that Nancy is a great icon and I am glad we had the likes of her give us some inspiration when the world seemed to be clamping down on us with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Thank you Nancy.


Kindly indicate which outfit is your favourite in the comment section below.

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