Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?
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Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?

Oceans 5 by riviera is a new spot on the lagos island. If you know me, you’d know how much I love food as well as trying out new restaurants. While good food appeals to me, aesthetics is also very important. I believe we don’t just visit restaurants to have dishes made by chefs, right? Because, some of us can cook like magicians LOL. We go for the over all experience: ambiance, service and food.

Scrolling through my instagram feed I came across this restaurant and was attracted by the aesthetics. I just had to get y’all a review, cause I get a lot of persons asking where I go to have fun, have meetings and simply go for a good time in Lagos. This time I decided to not just put out a YouTube video but, put my ratings for the different categories of a restaurant experience in writing here on my blog, nah ‘our blog’.

Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?

Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?


It’s very important for a customer to feel good about the money they spend at a restaurant and I sure did. The waiters were courteous, nicely mannered and efficient. Timing was also right, didn’t take too long to get my orders fulfilled. I will say this is one of the best service I’ve received at a restaurant in lagos. You could see the staff looking happy to have their customers around no sign of crankiness. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give them an 8 for great service.

Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?


For me, aesthetics plays a huge part if you want to impress me. If the interior design isn’t right it might affect my experience. When the aesthetics is right I might even come back to give another chance if the food wasn’t so good. In this category they get a 9.5 rating for me cause I loved the colour coordination, seat and table placements, lighting and design of the furniture. Particularly, I enjoyed the view of the water flow and beautiful flowers. I appreciate how there are different spots for photos as well cause I ain’t dressed cute to not have a picture taken lol. I strongly believe I am not alone in this thought process especially in this beautiful city of ours.

Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?


Now, to the big man in the room, ‘food’. I always get pasta cause if they don’t get pasta right what can they get right? When the spicing is great that’s something to note and I will be elaborating specifically on the three dishes I tried. This is also to give you an insight into these meals and what to expect if you want to try them for yourself.

Oceans 5 by Riviera Restaurant Review: Worth the hype or not?

Fusilli primavera (with shrimps)

This dish has chopped mix vegetables & herbs in a creamy tomato sauce with fusilli pasta. Was really blown away cause it was great and I didn’t get a rumbling stomach afterwards. I asked for shrimps to be added as a sea food gal and I got what I wanted. I was truly satisfied. This shows they are also open to flexibility, perfecto!

Loaded potatoe with beef

I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this. Tasted okay but, this wouldn’t be my preferred meal cause if my potatoe ain’t fried it ain’t fun to eat for me. Me likie, crunchy crunchy! I will also advice you have it with the side sauce, tastes better that way. If you like cooked potatoes you’d enjoy this. Secondly, I’m a fan of chicken not beef and you can choose what protein you’d want it with. So you see, flexibility. Don’t you already love this restaurant?

Oceans 5 special biryani (added chicken)

While this looked good and all. My taste buds didn’t really dig this. Maybe, cause it was foreign, I’ve never had Indian spiced food before and I was already full, Hahahahhahaha. It tasted relatively okay but not also my choice meal, my pasta was perfect for me. However, what’s a good review without testing the waters *winks*.

Mixing with the sauce gives the proper taste cause I first tried the rice without it and didn’t like it until I tried it with the sauce. For experimental beings and if you’re Indian & already used to this then knock yourself out boo. The good thing was that even while this was foreign to me it was still okay and that is something you don’t always get. Kudos oceans 5 by riviera.


This was the item I was least impressed by. Was okay but I thought it was too basic, should have tried a different cocktail. Liked how it looked though.

With all these in view, do I recommend them ? YES!

Want to check them out and make reservations check them out on Instagram @Oceans5ByRiviera

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