NIKE Unveils a new Nigerian Football Kit: HIT or MISS ?
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Nike Unveils a new Nigerian Football Kit – HIT or MISS ?

Nike unveiled a new Nigerian Football Kit on the 5th of February, 2020 amidst mixed reactions. Some feel it’s cool, while others feel it’s not as good as the previous kit. Unlike the kit Nike released in 2018, that had most people impressed because, of its unique design.

This newly released Nike Nigerian Football kit was curated by Dan FarronGrace LadojaTeezeeRukky Ladoja and Bubu Ogisi. This kit is said to be hand drawn and inspired by the traditional aesthetics of an agbada robe. It has a hand painted green design on top of its cream base, a signature Nike swoop underneath The Super Eagles’s football crest at the top front of the jersey. Along with this, matching sock sets for both colors of the jersey was also released.

Nike Unveils a new Nigerian Football Kit – HIT or MISS ?

NIKE Unveils a new Nigerian Football Kit: HIT or MISS ?

My take is that, they did a pretty good job with the design but, It doesn’t really spark excitement as the other kit did. This design looks well put together, creative yet, in the shadows of the previous one. I like it but, would I prefer it to the 2018 release, *Exhales* No. From a fashion perspective I feel this design is truly brilliant for its infusion of the Traditional “Agbada robe” design .

This is not criticism, this is just my humble sincere opinion. I will still go ahead to say, the curators of this kit and everyone who worked on this project did a very good job.

This is how a few other people saw the kit:

As you can see, some people do have good things to say while others don’t. This isn’t strange because, not everyone would like something no matter how good it is. And everyone is entitled to their opinion as far as you’re not trying to make the opinion of others seem obsolete.

As in the previous release, I feel the New Nigerian Football kit will win the ‘Best Kit’ title again. It’s hot! Might not get the love it deserves but it’s still a very brilliant, vibrant design. And in a Tweet, Nike’s Senior Director of Global Communication, Heidi Burgett Says that Nike will be Releasing a whole collection of new Nigerian gear, which would include; a poncho, dress, vest and other items.

This, I am really looking forward to. So, what’s your own take on the newly released Nike Nigerian Football Kit, HIT or MISS?




  • Linda O
    3 years ago

    I agree with you. It is still hot, but I would still take the old jersey over this one anytime. Just me two cents ✌️

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