Nail polish: 5 types you should know

Nail polish: 5 types you should know

Nail art has become an integral part of beauty for women/ beauty enthusiasts in present times. And, we have had new inclusions to the nail polish collection over the years. This is as a result of the desire for more durability, versatility and sophistication. Previously we had just basic nail polish, which is good but seemed to not be enough on it’s own. Hence, the birth of the variations we see in the market now.

This post serves to educate us on the major types, with differences so as to give you better knowledge for when you go for that next manicure appointment. Additionally, for those who love the DIY route, you would know which is best and most suitable.

Nail polish: 5 types you should know


Nail polish: 5 types you should know

This is the most common nail polish and can easily be applied personally. You do not need so much to use it. This is also the most affordable. Should take an average of 30 minutes for all finger nails on both hands. Can last for up to a week before reapplication is needed. To take them off you’d need a polish remover and some cotton wool. Has little or no adverse negative effect on the nails.


Nail polish: 5 types you should know

This is a combination of gel and basic nail polish which is then cured with UV light to harden it. Shellac is not as hard as gel polish and can be removed using acetone. It is slightly more expensive than a regular nail polish. Can take about 45mins – 1hr to apply. Not the most recommended for self application, but not as hard to work with as some other nail polishes. You should be able to wear it for 2-3 weeks. For application at home, you can use; cotton pads, acetonealuminium foil and a cuticle pusher. No negative effect but, you can have some peeling if you do not remove them the right way with acetone.


Nail polish: 5 types you should know

Gel polish is also known as ‘hard gel’, and can be applied over fake or natural nails. The difference between this and shellac is that you can increase the length and it is very similar to acrylic. Almost cost the same as the shellac but stronger. Takes about 1hr max to apply. It can last up to 3 weeks. In order to remove, it is advisable to have a nail tech do it with an electric file. This can also be a little difficult to apply by oneself, for a neat out come it’s best to have someone assist you if you must do it at home. You might notice some weakness after removal, that’s nothing to really worry about. Applying some cuticle oil will help the nails regain their strength.


Nail polish: 5 types you should know

Acrylic nail polish is a combo of a liquid and powder chemical that forms a hard layer serving as a clear surface for nail designs. This is very common now as it provides vast nail art options as it allows the use With other types of nail polish. It is more durable. Costs more than a gel or shellac polish. Can last up to a month. Application can take about an 1hr 30mins. You can apply this at home, but you’d need to do so in a room with enough ventilation or outside as it has a strong smell that is not so good for the lungs. Try not to pull or forcefully try to remove. Deep each nails into acetone for some time and remove to prevent injury.


Nail polish: 5 types you should know

This can be done quickly with little or no skill. Dip powder is used along side a sealant. After the sealant is applied the nails are dipped into the powder with the desired colour. This prevents a messy look as the powder only attaches to the sealant. It is more pricy than the others. Because of its easy usage you can apply at home trouble free. Should take about 45mins to apply. It is rumoured that this is better for your nails than gel, shellac or acrylic. If you are having a nail tech apply for you, kindly instruct them to pour out onto a cover for you to dip into to prevent infections.

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