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I love lace, i think its a uniquely, beautiful fabric. Can be used to make almost any sort of outfit regular fabric can and look even better.There is a nice touch of class to it, that i am drawn to.I  design outfits myself and i like to add a touch of lace if its not entirely lace. Gives me so much satisfaction,when i look at the lace outfits. It could be used to make pants ( all sorts: Tight,palazzo, three quarter etc), kimono ,jackets,tops ,crop tops, two pieces, skirts( short,long,flay,prints etc), gowns (short, three quarter,long, sleeveless, with sleeves etc), jumpsuits and many more.

The color options are endless : blue, black,red,pink,green,brown,silver,nude,peach and many more in various shades.

Lace looks good when combined with other fabrics as seen above. Could be used for making  designs or as attachments.

Going for a party? you should definitely get a lace two piece to look smoking hot!


A lace mini jumpsuit is great for picnics,going to the beach, stepping out during summer or when its hot outside slaying.

Wedding flow, Anniversary party, birthday party, dinner, prom, a lace gown with just the right accessories is just perfect!

For a hangout,date, going to the movies, and practically anywhere you need to look sexy to. Rocking a two piece , lace top and mini skirt would do you good.

The possibilities goes on and on. If you don’t already own a lace outfit, i recommend you do.It could come in real handy sometime.



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