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Is it better to wear ‘WAIST TRAINERS’ or ‘SHAPEWEAR’?

Shapewear as well as waist trainers do an amazing job for the primary role of advancing our curves.

However, it is important to know which of them is best for certain results. There are various types of shapwear and waist trainers used for specific roles. It is for this reason I will be answering this question;

Is it better to wear ‘WAIST TRAINERS’ or ‘SHAPEWEAR’?

I will like to start off saying that both waist trainers and shapewear are equally vital. Sometimes, what you need could be a very comfortable spandex to help you wear that dress you love. In addition, you can also need that waist trainer to help you with your posture (prescribed/suggested by your physician).

Is it better to wear 'WAIST TRAINERS' or 'SHAPEWEAR'?


Without a doubt, these do a great job of making those rolls and fat disappear. Which gives you a nice look while arrayed in your beautiful outfit. Depending on your problem areas you can always get the one (s) suited to you.

When pregnant you can always get a nice shapewear for yourself. Waist trainers are not advisable at this point in time. As you shop, try to get the best affordable shapewear instead of just picking anything because it seems cheap.

Is it better to wear 'WAIST TRAINERS' or 'SHAPEWEAR'?

Waist trainers:

Waist trainers can be awesome for getting those abs at the gym. Great to make your waist appear a lot smaller underneath your clothes. They also help with post BBL surgery care. Waist trainers are of two main types, worn ; over the burst or under the burst. 

Additionally, they can also be used as a fashion piece worn over tops/shirts. Shapewear is definitely better as underwear because they are more comfortable for long wear. One of the waist trainer manufacturers you can get premium waist trainers from is waistdear.

If you like gym/sport wears as seen above, you can click on the link to buy yours for very affordable deals. You will thank me later trust me.

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Tell me in the comment section your experience with shapewear/waist trainers. If you have none, will you consider getting any of them soon?



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