Hyper-pigmented Skin SOLUTIONS


Battling with hyper-pigmentation? Its really annoying…I know right? I would be listing 4 skin care products that would definitely help with your hyper-pigmented skin.

Just in case you don’t know what hyper pigmentation is. HYPER-PIGMENTATION is “the darkening of a section of the skin due to increase in melanin”. Melanin is normal and very necessary for the skin, but there is occurrence of clusters in one section of the skin, it causes dark spots and Uneven skin tone.


  • Picking at your skin (During injury or inflammation, the body over produces melanin as a response)
  • Over Exposure to the Sun (Leads to increased production of melanin)
  • Pregnancy (Hormonal changes during pregnancy temporarily increase the body’s production of melanin)

*Anyone can have hyper-pigmentation but, it is most common in darker skin tones.*


A)  Eucerin Even Brighter Concentrate.

For years this product has been a solution for people with hyper-pigmentation. This product is affordable and good for many skin tones.

Don’t expect results to appear very quickly, it takes about 5 weeks. The important thing is watching out for improvement. The product contains B-resorcinol – a skin-lightening agent and glycyrrhetinic acid – a molecule from the liquor ice volt which is an anti-inflammatory that helps heal the skin.

Instruction : Apply under a day cream in the morning at first, and if you want faster results, apply before Bed too. 


B)  Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation.

 This is a vegan-friendly cream, it’s oil free, light formula slides onto the skin and works instantly.

Very effective on aged, sun-damaged skin, it contains ActiWhite (a patented skin lightener that contains pea extract), Liquor Ice for the discoloration, Fruits acids to re-texturise the skin, and Vitamin C to brighten and boost collagen.

Instruction: Should be applied in a little quantity, Morning and Night. This improves the look of dark spots within a few weeks. 

C)  IS Clinical White lightening serum. 

IS Clinical White Lightening Serum was clinically created by a team of world renowned pharmacologists who develop results-driven products with cutting edge science. This serum is the most expensive of this selection, but for a reason. Equipped to treat Melasma (Brown to gray-brown patches usually on the face) in the shortest space of time.

It contains a brightening mushroom extract and alpha-arbutin with natural exfoliant sugar cane extract. In the long term, this serum actually helps skin to produce less melanin, which prevents the problem of discoloration in the future.

Instruction: Apply sparingly as the solution is potent. 

D) Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. 

This is mainly for people who have specific spots of pigmentation they want to target. As one drop rubbed into the affected area, for as little time as a week, if applied day and night to affected area, dramatically reduces sun spots on both the top of hands and cheek bones.

The solution has Activated C, Peony Extract and White Button, so it’s great for those who prefer products that are naturally derived. It absorbs quickly with no residue and work on both older and younger skins.

Instruction: Apply on specific area day and night. 


I hope these recommended  skin care products would be of help to you, in other to have refreshed and clearer skin.

Please comment below if you would like more solution blog posts from me. Also leave the names of other products you have used, that worked in clearing off hyper-pigmentation to provide more options for other readers. Thank you!




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