How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products
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How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products

We have all been there! Buying products our online favorites swear will clear your hyperpigmentation or get rid of your acne. Unfortunately, your skin rejects the holy grail, or in a worse case scenario, your skin condition gets worsened. Instead of tossing that product in the bin or leaving it on your shelf to expire, do you know you can repurpose your skincare products?

The economy is not looking good and losing money is the last thing on our minds, especially when it comes to skincare products. Read on and let me show you exactly how you can save your products and your money.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes With The Unwanted Cleansers.

How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products

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Instead of trashing that cleanser that does nothing for your skin, you can repuprose it by using it on your facial tools that need to get cleansed. Gentle cleansers are safe for your skin; hence they will be safe to use on your makeup brushes also.

To do this, pour some of the cleanser over bristles while rubbing into it with your fingers and watch the gathered-up make up and dirt wash away.

Your Moisturizers Can Become Your Hand and Feet Cream.

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Sometimes, a moisturizer that is too rich in formulation may be too heavy for acne-prone skin or oily skin. If it doesn’t work for your face, you can repurpose it to a body lotion or cream. You can also use them as creams for your feet and hands. Moisturizers contain moisturizing and hydrating ingredients, which can help keep your feet and hands soft.

Face Oils For Body

How To Repurpose Your Skincare Products

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Face oils are skincare products for the season, whether for harmattan or winter. Instead of leaving it to go rancid on your shelf during the summer or sunny season, you can repurpose it.

You can mix it with a light face or body moisturizer for more hydration or nourishment. You can also mix it in your hand and feet creams or use it as a massage oil. Face oils can also be used for your cuticles and nails.

Sunscreens For Body

You finally got your hands on the “perfect” sunscreen the manufacturers swear it’s perfect for your skin tone. Only to use it and it leaves you looking like a ghost or stinging your eyes. Sunscreens that do not work for your face can work well for your body.

It would blend into your skin faster and also do its job, protecting your skin from UV rays.

Glycolic Acid For Underarms

You finally lay your hands on the perfect hyperpigmentation fighter, or so you thought. Unfortunately, instead of a brighter skin, you end up with breakouts and realize 10% glycolic acid was too much for your sensitive skin.

If you have dark underarms or knees, glycolic acid has been proven to be effective to clear them and tone them to your natural skin color. It doesn’t work for your face does not mean it can’t be in your routine.

Toners As A Mist

If your toner is scented or has a high alcohol percentage, it is likely it will irritate your skin or cause breakouts. One perfect way to repurpose toners is to pour the contents in an empty mist bottle and use it as a quick body spray.

You can also spray it on your pillowcase, bedspread, wardrobe and your room to leave it smelling fresh and amazing.



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