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How to remove makeup effectively

After a long day, you know you shouldn’t go to sleep in your makeup. It is ideal to take it off before going to bed. You should however mind how you take it off so you are not left with any residue on your face.Having makeup residue on your face can clog your pores. And clogged pores result in breakouts. Aside from that, other products you apply on your face after taking it off will not penetrate well.

Read on to know how to effectively remove makeup from your face.

Removing makeup effectively 

Cleansing your face is a very crucial step in skincare. The method and what you use in removing impurities from your face matters. You want to make sure you cleanse gently while getting every last bit of dirt off.

When it comes to taking your makeup off, makeup wipes is a no go area. wipes require you to be far from gentle on your skin. They also contain a great amount of fragrance and other irritants. These can irritate the skin, especially sensitive skin. It also won’t get all the makeup off. It will rather smear it around and push it further into your skin. They can even cause micro tears with the friction.

An ideal way to take off your makeup is by using a facial cleanser. Preferably, a cleanser made for removing makeup. However, using cleansers alone still does not guarantee there will be no residue. This is why it is best to double cleanse when taking your makeup off.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is just as it sounds. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is done to ensure you have totally gotten rid of what’s on your face. It could be makeup, dirt or sunscreen. Double cleansing is ideally done at night so that you can get rid of impurities you might have accumulated through the day.

You can double cleanse in two different ways. Below are both ways to effectively double cleanse.

Method 1

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This method is the ideal way to double cleanse. You should start by using oil cleansers first followed by your regular cleanser. Oil cleansers are great for removing makeup, especially greasy or sticky products like lipsticks. You can try Simple hydrating oil cleanser. It is suitable for all skin types and great at taking off makeup.

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To ensure there are no residues left, go for a second wash with your regular facial cleanser.

Method 2

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The second method is done by using micellar water followed by your regular cleanser. Micellar water is best used with cotton pads and they do not require rinsing after use.


Follow micellar water with your regular cleanser to completely get rid of residues. My all time favorite is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. It is suitable for all skin types and it effectively removes makeup.

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After double cleansing, you can continue with your night routine. Your serums and moisturizers will penetrate easily on your clean skin this way.



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