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How to keep your hair hydrated in dry seasons

Chapstick. Check. Hydrating lotions. Check. But what about your hair? You definitely shouldn’t leave your hair out in dry seasons. Especially, if your hair is prone to dryness (no shades to my curly-haired queens). You should keep your hair hydrated to avoid all the troubles that come with dry hair.

Dryness and hair breakage is not something you want to be dealing with. You should rock your crown beautifully and I know just how to help with that.

Without further ado, let’s take you through how to keep your strands hydrated during dry seasons (before you learn the hard way).

Keeping your hair hydrated in dry seasons

1. Avoid washing your hair too often

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This might sound ironical but you need to wash your hair less often in dry seasons. This is so that you don’t wash off the natural oils in your scalp that makes your hair hydrated and healthy.

If you however need to urgently wash your hair after you just recently washed it, you can use a cleansing conditioner.

2. Pick up your conditioner

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If you already dropped your conditioner, this is the right time to pick it back up. For hydrated hair, you should condition your hair regularly. You should also ensure your conditioner has hydrating ingredients like glycerin, aqua and hyaluronic acid.

Also, it should not contain toxic ingredients that could cause dryness and breakage. Some of these ingredients are sulfates, parabens and silicones.

My favorite conditioner is the Mielle organics white peony leave-in conditioner. It does an excellent job at moisturizing my hair and it is also toxin free.

3. Reduce heat application

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If you’re the type that puts your blow dryers on high heat, now is the time to consider air drying your hair. If you also can’t drop your curling or flat irons cause you love to rock bouncy ringlets, put a pause to it during dry seasons.

Frequent heat application can cause your hair to loose hydration, to become dry and break.

However, if you can’t completely drop your curling irons, don’t forget your heat protectant sprays.

4. Use hair oils

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Aside from the fact that hair oils are nutrient packed, they provide hydration for your hair. Hair oils improves the appearance and health of your hair by preventing dryness and breakage.

Most importantly, hair oils also serve as sealants. They help seal in moisture in your hair and keep your hair hydrated for longer hours.

5. Wear bonnets to bed

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When we go to bed without wearing silk or satin scarves or bonnets, friction happens. This friction is between the hair and your sheets. It can make you lose the moisture and oils in your hair leaving it tangled and frizzy in the morning.

To avoid waking up with dry hair, you should tuck your hair in a bonnet even if you had hair like Rapunzel.




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