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Fun and simple date ideas for couples

Dinner dates may seem cliche to you and you are looking to be more spontaneous with your partner without breaking the bank. Fun fact, there are a lot of fun and simple date ideas you and your partner can try out.

It is also true that spending time alone with your partner indoor is satisfying. But, it is time to give the couch and popcorn bowl a break and do other things.

No need to worry too much about what else to do aside watching that movie you already saw ten times. I already compiled the fun!  All you need is a proper plan and your partner of course.

fun and simple date ideas for you and your partner

1. Go on picnic dates

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You can enjoy a simple outdoor date by going on picnics. Pick a serene and beautiful environment as well as your favorite food and snacks and you’re good to go.

While you’re at it you can enjoy interesting conversations with your partner. You can also read a book, paint or play board games during the date.

2. Take long car rides to nowhere

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This is another little to no cost date. Maybe you might spend a little on fuel but you get to spend time with your partner, so it is okay.

You can pack your favorite snacks and enjoy car rides with your partner on a cool night. If you know any fun question games, bring it up!

3. Visit an art gallery

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If you have not already done this, this is a sign. Visiting the art gallery with your partner is another fun and inexpensive way to spend time together.

You can spark up conversations about the exhibits in the gallery. One thing I love to do at art galleries is mimic the faces and poses of arts and sculptures.

4. Go to the beach

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This is similar to a picnic date if you will just be sitting with snacks and enjoying the scene. However, you can switch things up a bit by taking a walk or going for a swim.

Beach dates can also take a different turn and can be a romantic date night. You can set up and beautify a space with flowers and food for you and your partner and enjoy the night.

5. Play games together

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playing games is undoubtedly fun. It is even more fun doing it with someone you love. You can play simple games like board games.

If you are even more competitive and you want more action, you can consider playing arcade games or even go paint balling.



  • Jennifer Ug
    2 months ago

    I’m a “comfy” person, so I’m usually torn between going the dressy and princessy path, and just jumping into my Sweat pants 😂

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