FENTY BEAUTY!- Rihanna’s Girl of color brand


Kudos Rihanna! First of all, I’d like to give Rihanna a big thumbs up. Her Fenty Beauty launch shook the world, Good job Girl!

Her Foundation collection has given a lot of skin shades Hope.  It’s just simply amazing.

Many beauty enthusiasts From all around the world  including Toni Olaoye, Kiitana amongst several others have had Great reviews about the Fenty Beauty products. From, how great the foundation coverage is, the nice application from the Fenty make up brushes, to the magnificent glow the highlighters give.

 Did I forget to talk about the Galaxy Lipstick collection. I am so in love right now lol.

Just can’t stop crushing over these products . And as a sucker for packaging, I can only say Rihanna did quite an amazing job. She didn’t only give hope she added some cookies on top!

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