Fashion Trends From the 80s Coming Back Strong

Yes! we are talking about fashion trends from the 80s (1980s). You know it feels kinda strange getting a hold of pictures your parents took and looking at the outfits they wore as awkward or just too bizarre growing up and finding yourself moving with similar trends today. Like ripped jeans, mummy jeans, vintage shirts, palazzo pants(inspired by what we Nigerians know as fella trousers) and oh my! those dramatically large glasses that we thought were only for old people with sight problems lol.

In the 80s these outfits were not really loved and was associated with crazy youths especially with clothes like crop Tops and ripped jeans. Its trending now on the runway and incorporated in street style.I particularly am a fan of the Vintage Trend. It gives this sense of freedom and coolness . One very peculiar thing about fashion from the 80s is looking like you are playing dress up or dressing up for a Costume party lol. Though there are interpretations of Vintage style right now that could help you not look too dramatic. If its your way of expressing yourself  then do you and who says looking like you are wearing a Costume is bad?

 FASHION TRENDS From The 80s Trending today! trends from the 80s coming back- Customized jean jacket


In the 80s if you didn’t have a denim jacket with patches, rips, embroidery art or stones you didn’t know whats up. And this 80s fashion piece has done a major come back. You could style them alone with thigh high shoes, leggings or jeans depending on the length. Want to customize a denim jacket yourself ? Just remember that the lighter the jeans the better and you should try not to make it oversize for that cool vintage look. trends from the 80s coming back- Vintage shades


Notice all those prescribed Reading glasses your grandparents use.Oh yeah, they are in vogue lol. Its hilarious right. I cant even believe they are cool right now. I’d have never imagined wearing them. Look at me now. They add a little something extra to your fashion statement. And protect you from the harsh sun rays preventing the risk of eye bags. trends from the 80s coming back- Faded Jeans


Faded jeans are A.K.A washed jeans. Sometimes caused by damage from detergents. Washed jeans can be manufactured to look that way. A trend in the 80s that has now resurfaced. Can be styled with crop tops, chiffon tops, dashiki, shirts, body con tops and many more. Thinking to purposely fade your jeans? Add bleach to areas you intend to fade. If you want your jeans entirely washed, dip fully into bleach.


During the 1980s, white boots and pumps were it—the skinnier the heel, the better. And were worn by everyone from OTT Cyndi Lauper wannabes (with legwarmers) to high school prom-goers (with ruffled mini dresses) I can remember going through my mom’s stuff. And seeing the white heels she wore for her wedding. I saw them as old fashioned. Seeing White heels trend again is astonishing. During the last few Fashion seasons, though, we’ve seem come back in a very big way. With labels like Isabel Marant and Céline creating their own versions. And street style stars pairing them with pretty much everything, in every season.



Who would have belived that these trousers worn by rock stars in the 80s would ever come back. In this case its a scenerio of the old shall become new lol. Can be paired with off shoulder tops, shirts, chiffon tops, lace tops. Better worn with heels and the tighter the top the better. Clutch bags go very well with palazzo pants. Trends From the 80s coming back strong- Sequin dress from Fashion Nova

Sequin dress By Fashion Nova


One of the most notable styles during the ’80s is the sequin attire. Such decade wouldn’t be complete without those high-gloss fashion because those encompass the vibrant fashion trends during the past. And since this sexy sequins are back on track, stack up your wardrobe with glimmering sequined-clothes for you to be ready to hit the runways.

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These are my favorites. And certainly think they wont be going anywhere anytime soon. Super cool with whatever top or jackets you fancy also goes with heels,flats,sandals or boots.

Lets have fun! Mention in the comment box below any other 80s fashion piece not mentioned in this article.





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