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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Miss Bunwa Ozoigbo – Winner ADIM 2017

Miss Bunwa Ozoigbo is the winner of the maiden edition of Adadigbomma Brains and Beauty pageant, also known as Miss ADIM 2017. The pageant is organized by EventPlus Entertainment Concept Ltd. Bunwa is 22yrs old and a native of Ihiala LGA of Anambra state. She’s a graduate of Psychology from the University of Perpetual Help, Phillipines.
We got up close with Queen Bunwa as she tells us more about the pageant, her emergence and what the future holds.
Jayceline: What inspired you to participate in the ADIM pageant ?
Miss Bunwa: I would have to say that the assurances I got from the organizers of a free, credible and transparent contest was the main motivating factor.  The Igbo cultural nature of the pageant as well as the prize money also contributed to my decision to be part of the contest.
Jayceline: What were your worries going into this pageant?
Miss Bunwa: The truth is a lot of young ladies have lost interest in pageantry. This is as a result of various forms of bad practices by both organizers and even contestants themselves. Organizers hardly keep to promises made to contestants, they manipulate and exploit contestants by making them perform unethical things to score high marks like having relationships with organizers and compelling contestants to sell tickets of the event. This makes the whole selection process of producing a winner to be flawed and devoid of any transparency.
Jayceline: What would you say made the ADIM pageant different?
Miss Bunwa: A whole lot I must say. Firstly the registration was free and we didn’t have to pay any camp fee or other clandestine costs that organizers often impose on contestants. Our experience in camp was quite interesting and memorable as each contestant took home something very important from the contest. We had skills acquisition classes, drama lessons as well as physical training everyday. We also had the privilege of having a renowned motivational/public speaker, Mrs Anijekwu lecture us on confidence building and challenges/abuses the womenfolk face in a country like Nigeria. Mrs Esionye a renowned Chef with DSTV African Magic Igbo Channel also came to give us cooking tutorial on igbo dishes.  I can go on and on. It was a worthwhile experience for us.
Jayceline: How tasking was it for you and other contestants during camping?
Miss Bunwa: It was not too tasking as the daily routines were made easy by the organizational acumen of the ADIM team. Every department of the team was at the top of their game .We had the photo camera crew, video crew, make up artists,welfare team all embedded in camp helping us get through with what tasks we had to perform and how best to go about it. Every action was captured on camera/video and it was a most fulfilling experience.
Jayceline: Lets talk about the  transparency which has become an issue with pageants . How did you emerge ?
Miss Bunwa: The organizers provided a level playing field for all contestants as only 10percent of the total score to crown the queen were taken from camp activities. 90percent came from each contestants performance at the grand finale. The ADIM team choose credible personalities who shared in their vision of transparency and fairness to be judges at the finale. It was a very close contest as the 12 finalists were beautiful and intelligent Igbo ladies and that explains my fulfillment of having emerged from such a contest as a winner.
Jayceline: What made the ADIM pageant a unique one?
Miss Bunwa: Its exclusivity to only Igbo speaking ladies is one, it was also a non height, figure, complexion discriminatory pageant thereby giving every lady the opportunity to take part. It showcased the Igbo culture and most importantly brought modesty to pageantry as it was also a  non bikini/swimwear affair. This all went a long way in upholding the true values of the Igbo woman.
Jayceline: How did you feel when you were announced the winner?
Miss Bunwa: I was elated as it took me about 5 seconds to realize I was the winner. I burst out in tears of joy as my fellow contestants all came over to hug and rejoice with me. I have to commend the event MC, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu for doing a great job on the night.
Jayceline: The other contestants rejoiced with you?
Miss Bunwa: Yes , we had been in camp for seven days together and we have become friends and sisters as the organizers educated us on unity and team work. At the end of the day only one contestant was expected to win and we all knew that. We also shared wonderful moments in camp together that can’t just be wished away.  We all still keep in touch and they still follow up on my activities as the winner.
Jayceline: What is the price money and have the organizers lived up to that responsibility?
Miss Bunwa: The prize money is N2million, a fully paid one week trip to Cape Town, South Africa amongst other gifts from partners/sponsors . The prize money will come in four installments and I can tell you that the first has been paid. My visa is currently being processed for my vacation where I will attend an empowerment and human development conference visit a charity organization to get insight on their management and other activities. It will be quite eventful.
Jayceline: What is the next step for you?
Miss Bunwa: Actually there’s a lot I will be engaged in. I have a project called the ‘ KWUPUTA‘ initiative . KWUPUTA means speak out. To speak out against challenges women face in the society ranging from, abuse, marginalization , rape amongst other vices. The winner is supposed to carry this message with the support of ADIM organizers and our sponsors to everywhere we find ideal to speak to vulnerable women and encourage them on the relevance to speak out against these ills. We will be having seminars periodically throughout the period of my reign to educate people more on this . As part of the organizers cause towards social responsibility, I will be embarking on a developmental project in my community. This is in line with the organizers policy for the winners birth community to benefit from her emergence .
Jayceline: Quite interesting and commendable . What advice do you have for young ladies going into pageantry and organizers as well?
Miss Bunwa: For the contestants I think the level of desperation to be a beauty Queen  is very high and that has made us vulnerable to all sorts of antics by organizers. The desperate quest for crowns have made some women compromise their dignity and go as far as paying huge some of monies just to wear a crown. The Igbos have had their fair share of notable Queens in Nigeria and also regrettably in scandals as well hence we need to tone down on this desperation. Some winners have come to use it as a platform not to carry out the good work that ought to be associated with being a Queen but to live a flamboyant and high-class lifestyle.
For the organizers I think it’s high time the government puts in a place both at state and national level a regulatory agency that monitors and supervises the activities of pageant organizers as well as ensure they abide by its best practices thereby protecting us from some of the bad ones among them.
Jayceline: How will you rate the organizers of ADIM ?
Miss Bunwa: I will rate the organizers 90% in performance. The 10% shortfall I would say is because of the event publicity which wasn’t at its best , however we were told it’s one of the challenges that comes with the maiden edition and they have promised to up their game in that department . I will urge all ladies willing to participate in a genuine contest to watch their space for the next edition.
Jayceline: How does one keep tab on your activities and that of the organizers ?
Miss Bunwa: You can follow us on instagram @Ada_di_igbo_mma  and you can also download our mobile App (Adim beauty pageant ) on Google play and App store for free to keep up with us.



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