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Enhance your living room with these five things.

When it comes to decorating spaces these days, less is often more. You want to make your space look simple yet beautiful and classy. It is not different when setting up your living room too.

Furnitures, curtains, rugs and electronics like your TV might have already filled the space. You still however require some finishing touches to improve its look. There are many things you can use to make your living room look more classy and it might be a hassle to pick from all of it. You want to pick few from these items so it doesn’t end up looking like a show room.

It is true that taste differs, but regardless of your taste, you should enhance the appearance of your living room with the following five things.

1. Wall arts

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Bare walls are boring. You can make your living room look more interesting by putting arts on your walls. You can hang a fancy frame of something that makes no sense and it will still look great. It is art anyways. It can also be something meaningful like a picture of a beautiful craft or place.

2. Overhead lighting

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Lighting in the home are fancy. They improve the appearance of your space by a mile. If you like a brightly lit space, go for lighting that has five or more bulbs. Also, if you have a low ceiling, don’t go for lightings that hang too low. Flush mounts are better for ceilings like that.

3. Table books

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Yes, some books are pretty enough to be used as decorations. You can set them on coffee tables beside your sofa. Or, on the table at the centre of the living room. And of course you are allowed to read them, just place them back when you are done reading.

4. Plants

Image source: Pinterest

Plants takes the appearance of your space up a notch. Aside that, they are really great for your mental well being. In fact, a NASA study revealed that they can reduce toxic air pollutants like formaldehyde.

If you however find that you will not be able to keep up with wetting your plants, you can get artificial plants instead.

Snake plants and peace lilies are some out of many beautiful plants you can use for decorating.

5. Lamps

Image source: Pinterest

Having lamps in your space is an extra way of having a well lit space. Like flower vases, they come in various pretty colors and designs, so that’s a plus. You can place them on tables beside the sofa if they are table lamps and use them especially when your overhead lightings are out.

If they are standing lamps, you can also make them stand beside the sofa.



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