CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers Show How It's Done!
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CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers Show How It’s Done!

Corsets are a fashion piece that has evolved over time. Ladies have worn them underneath, designed beneath dresses and tops since the 1500’s to give an illusion of an hourglass shape. There are various types; the hourglass, pipe stem, wasps, S curve, front & back laced, over burst, mid burst and under burst corsets. We also have the guepierre, corsellette, corset belt, waspie, ribbon and according to time period: the victorian, Elizabethan and Edwardian corsets.

In those times they were meant to be inches smaller than the waists of the women that wore them. Now, due to the emphasis on comfort they are worn as stylish pieces visibly on top of shirts, gowns etc. It’s more like a bold statement to wear them out and not many people welcome it. And in the past few years we’ve seen some style influencers including those in Nigeria accessorise corsets. These are a few of them and how they put it together.

CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers show how its done


CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers Show How It's Done!

Angel obasi always has on great prints and she didn’t disappoint this time. She layered a black embellished corset on top of her Ankara designed sleeveless top paired with black pants with great accessories to go. Thats definitely how to turn a basic outfit into gold!

IG: @styleconnaisseur


First, I’d like to digress a bit to say her smile gets me every time. Onyiibekeh is giving us contemporary country side vibes in her corset top X blue Baggy pants combo. This is a way you can incorporate the corset inspired look without the trouble of layering while still getting that cinched waist you desire. No need to layer, get a corset top darling!

IG: @Onyiibekeh


CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers Show How It's Done!

My girl Ada says lets have some leather over this lovely red checked blazer and boy does she look like she can conquer the world. Want to go for a meeting looking like an absolute no nonsense boss lady, here is an inspiration!

IG: @Styletitudebyada


Trust the queen of bold looks Jennifer oseh to make an appearance. You know never to expect even a simple fashion piece to look simple with her. Furthermore, I just delight in how beautiful her mustard gown looks in this photo, it’s just Amazing!

IG: @theladyvhodka 


Okayyyy, I am here for this bad ass chic style combo. Black corset top over a flowing blue gown, why not unbutton it all and add black heeled boots for extra effect? Perfecto!

IG: @thisthingcalledfashion


CORSETS on top??? These Nigerian Style influencers Show How It's Done!

Tej is giving us polka dot & strip mix with some skin to go and going over with a black leather corset belt. How else do you step into the room looking like a snack, tell me!

IG: @ChroniclesofTej

In conclusion, would you wear a corset on top of your shirt or gown? If not, why? Kindly tell Me what you think about the above combos in the comment section. Don’t forget to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new posts are up so you don’t miss all the fun.




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