Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics 'LIP GLAZE' Collection

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics ‘LIP GLAZE’ Collection

Bregha is one beauty creator that makes makeup look so flawless. Famous for her skin like finish and astounding beauty video editing skills. She makes you want to leak your screen when her content pops up on your page, or at least I want to leak my screen LOL.

Her videos are so soothing to watch and so clean. Bregha’s skills are highly commendable. And oh, I forgot to mention that she wears glosses so perfectly. So, seeing zikel cosmetics collaborate with her on a lip gloss collection is no surprise, as she is the very best for this partnership.

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics ‘LIP GLAZE’ Collection

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics 'LIP GLAZE' Collection

The lip glaze lip gloss collection includes 6 shades of shimmery glosses that come in a handy, cylindrical vessel. The six shades are; Mocha, Rose, Boost, Latte, Citrine and Crystal. They cost N1,500 each.


This is a clear gloss for adding volume to the lips, either used alone or on top of a coloured matte lipstick. Want to just hydrate/mosturize your lips without any colour ? Crystal is also the gloss for you.


This is a dark brown lip gloss for that subtle shine. Not into bright colours ? Here is a colour I believe you will enjoy.

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics 'LIP GLAZE' Collection


This is a pink shade to add some colour to that make up look. Love bright colours? This is the one for you, trust me.


This is a golden shaded lip gloss that gives the lips a luxurious metallic look. Perfect for that evening night out.

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics 'LIP GLAZE' Collection


This lip gloss is a light brown shade for the ladies that want it dark but not too dark.


This is an oxblood lip gloss that can be used to add some colour or simply give your red lippie some shine.

Bregha X Zikel Cosmetics 'LIP GLAZE' Collection

In conclusion, I like the colours in this collection. And, as a sucker for packaging this did it for me. Congratulations! to Bregha and I can only envisage the very best. Hopefully, I will get this collection so I can give you guys a personal review. Till then, if you want to purchase any, you can always shop on the zikel cosmetics website.


Instagram: @Bregha X @ZikelCosmetics 

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