5 Books Every Digital Entrepreneur Should Read

Being an entrepreneur in the ever-evolving digital space comes with many challenges. Tips from tiktok or tweets can be helpful, but you’ll need the depth of these books for entrepreneurs to develop your mind and hone your skills. Beyond that, you’ll also need some ray of inspiration to keep you going on bad days.

The biggest challenge, however, is finding the right books. No one wants to waste hours and days flipping through pages of books with no practical advice.

To save you time, I have put together a list of 5 books that will serve as useful guidelines while you transform your dream into reality. 

1. The Connection Effect by Gordie Bufton

Books for Entrepreneurs

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Gordie Bufton has gone through many ups and downs in his career as an entrepreneur. He is now revealing the key to addressing the main causes of business stress: connection.

With each chapter of the book, you will learn more about using the present to alter your future. It will teach you how to emotionally focus yourself in the here and now. This book should be bookmarked for your bedside if you want to avoid burnout on your journey to the top.

2. Product-Led SEO by Eli Schwartz

Books for Entrepreneurs

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SEO is not magic, but it’s not as simple as you think. You probably know you need SEO to win fans and have all eyes on your product. But do you truly understand how to maximize SEO for your company?

Eli Schwartz certainly does. In Product-Led SEO, he sets out the basics of digital optimization. Let Schwartz’s easy suggestions guide you in choosing better marketing and advertising strategies for your business. Even if you contract your SEO to a different company, you still owe it to yourself to comprehend how current SEO strategies operate.

3. Performance Partnerships by Robert Glazer

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At one point, affiliate marketing appeared to be a simple, set-it-and-forget-it method for businesses to generate more cash. But that was back then. Today, affiliate marketing is far more intricate. Thankfully, Robert Glazer is here to guide you through the new process.

In Performance Partnerships, Glazer describes how affiliate marketing has changed and how it may develop in the future. However, he makes a strong case for why doing so might help business owners expand their consumer bases. You will find the affiliate marketing resources you’ll need now and tomorrow to expand confidently.

4. 25 Valuable Golden Nuggets to Start, Stabilize and Scale any Business by Natasha E. Davis

25 Valuable Nuggets

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The book 25 Valuable Golden Nuggets, written by Natasha Davis, provides all the advice you need to hear but probably won’t get from anybody else.

As you look at the life of an entrepreneur through Davis’ perceptive eyes, you’ll learn the secrets to feeling rejuvenated at the end of every busy day. She has omitted the filler to give you more than two dozen jewels that will guide your future choices.

5. Gratitude and Pasta by Chris Schembra

Books for Entrepreneurs

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You may discover that running your own business is lonely despite attending several offline and internet networking events. In Gratitude and Pasta, Chris Schembra lays out a special technique for strengthening peer connections via exceptional dining encounters.

However, you don’t have to be a chef or entertainer to appreciate Gratitude and Pasta. You may use the book’s fundamentals to develop your emotional intelligence and discover how to build stronger relationships with significant figures in your work life. If you’ve been searching for a strategy for establishing a lasting relationship, this book has it.


Spend 15 minutes each day going through some books written for and by entrepreneurs to do your mind some good. You’ll be surprised at how much more equipped you feel to lead your (entrepreneur)ship after a month. 

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