BLACK & PROUD; Reality of being Black


I am Black & proud

I am proud of my melanin popping skin

Proud of my beautiful curly Afro

Proud of the fullness of my body

Proud of my rich attitude and energy

Proud of the strength within my heart

Proud of everything that makes me black


They think we are rebels

We only like to fight to survive

And In our Youths the same energy is alive

Raising our voices so we can be heard

Not because we like trouble

But, because we have seen so much pain and lifted so much on our head

We have now become Engines that try to protect ourselves from these troubles


We are looked at as Beneath the uncolored

But, in fact we have been the strength and pillar on which most powerful nations were built

I know my history

It doesn’t put my mind in misery

I am black & proud

Not black and angry


Our minds are as colorful as our skin

Filled with creativity & versatility

Our Art and cultures announce us even before we speak

Our words are spoken in marvelous Tongues

What more can we ask for

We were once slaves But now we are pillars

I am black

I am proud

I am Black & Proud

Scattered around the Globe

We shine with so much Hope

Becoming aware of the power we hold

And Growing in our skin more Beautiful and Bold

Women & Men black and proud

With hearts Bright not dark

We have come to realize there is nothing we should Lack


Don’t hide, Don’t cry, Don’t be ashamed. You are BLACK & BEAUTIFUL!



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