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You are a Queen. A queen is expected to always be in charge, always look elegant, always hide her fear or downright deal with it. A queen is never allowed to be weak or seen without all her valor. The people look up to her for inspiration, succor and protection. Everyone thinks she is always in control. A queen is also human. The glamour, fame and riches are just what the world sees. Who would the Queen turn to in times of battle? Who will clean the Queens tears? She has to rely on her self because, she bares the Crown. This is my take on what really are Behind the crown.

Behind the crown looking side


There is so much more behind Power, Success and Royalty. “Behind the crown” are the responsibilities, pressures, Enemies, Losses, Pains and struggles. So, when next you think 0f chasing your dreams, look “Behind the Crown”. And decide to face whatever is “Behind the crown “.

You will get stressed out, lose motivation sometimes, lose courage, get scared, become confused, pissed off and downright frustrated.

Most times, you’d have to deal with pain all by yourself. Because, everyone expects you to have it all figured out or they all have deserted you. There will be days and nights that tears would fill your eyes, with no shoulder to cry on.

Joy still lurks around “Behind the crown”: When you win your battles, When you conquer new Grounds, When you have motivated someone, and When you decide to let joy fill your heart despite all that lies “Behind the Crown”. Find your happy spots and stick to them; helps you focus less on the ugly side of it all.

Just always remember, you own your crown and you have strength within you. Harness it to help you stay sane in a world that has lost its sanity. I am a QUEEN, whatever is “Behind the crown” isn’t strong enough to hold me Back! What about you?

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