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Becoming ‘JAYCELINE’

Hey there, this is Jayceline. Welcome to an awesome reading experience….

Writing has always been my first love when it comes to content creation and in my journey I have realized that I have lost my way in my creative process. I wanted a blog to voice out my opinions, passions and proffer solutions. But, I have been chasing trends, algorithms and clicks.

I signed off all social media platforms today to dig deep and get to my roots. You my dear readers deserve to be indulged in quality texts and this is what you will get here henceforth. If you were an OG who have been following me on Facebook and loved reading my articles, you’ll love being on here.


There will be juicy gist, motivation, book reviews, interviews, events, food/restaurant reviews, fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips. We will have lots of amazing pictures and consistent flow of beautiful articles. I have made this decision cause I’ve had a really rude awakening these past few months and I have been drawn to the fact that I have not been doing what I have always wanted to with this blog.


You may wonder who jayceline is? That is a great inquisition. Jayceline is a bright minded, positively opinionated enthusiast of life who loves to share her views as well as lessons with the world. You her fine reader is the reason why she is here. Also the reason why she will need to present you with only the best. Remember, you can always suggest topics you would want written about or tips you would love to be posted here.

Super excited to take you my dear reader on this amazing journey. Seat tight, subscribe to our newsletter below to get notified and do not forget to engage in the comment section.

Until the next article DEAR READER….




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