Apple’s new ad puts accessibility features in the spotlight for users with disabilities

The International day of persons with disabilities was celebrated on December 3, 2022. In line with the theme of this year, Apple empowers people with disabilities in their new ad. The new heartwarming advertisement puts the spotlight on the various accessibility features of Apple devices.

The ad aims to raise awareness of innovations in accessibility while sharing actual experiences of people with disabilities.

The two-minute long video titled The Greatest features seven individuals with disabilities as they go about their day to day activities. In carrying out these activities, they employ the use of Apple’s accessibility features available on all their devices. These features, according to Apple, allows them to remove barriers and move through the world with more independence and confidence.

Some of the accessibility features shown in the video includes vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive features. Detection mode allows visually impaired users navigate objects and people around them. For those who are deaf or have hard hearing range, sound recognition alerts aid them. It can pick on different sounds like a baby’s cry or a door bell.

It also includes voice control. This allows people control their apple devices with their voices alone. Lastly, AssistiveTouch which makes engaging with technology possible  for those with upper-body limb differences.

Being a campaign for people with disabilities, it was also necessary to include audio subtitles for visually impaired people in the ad.

Additionally, the track ‘I am the Greatest’ used in the ad was produced by Spinifex Gum and its lyrics were derived from the speeches of  Muhammad Ali and was performed by Marliya Choir.

The ad is indeed commendable because it empowers PWD (People With Disabilities). It is also a spirit lifting ad that shows everyone that disabilities do not necessarily have to limit dreams, ambitions and even basic life activities.

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