8 safe and effective Nigerian skincare brands you should try

It is time to put aside the stereotype about Nigerian products, because these Nigerian skincare brands are game changers. They are absolutely safe for use and effective just like any other good skincare brand from other parts of the world. And being someone that’s careful about what she applies on her skin, feel free to trust me on this one. In fact, you might want to create a space in your stash to allow these new brands after reading this article.

Yes, they are that good.

Below are 8 Nigerian skincare brands your skin can trust. (You should try at least one of these.)

1. Arami Essentials

Arami in Yoruba means my body. Founded by Ore Runsewe, the aim of the brand is to take the less is more approach to achieve healthy glowing skin. Arami also believes the body is a temple and should be treated like one. The brand has a wide range of products for both facial and body care. All of these products are fragrant and non-toxic.

Their glow scrub as seen in the picture above is my absolutely favorite. Its key ingredients are honey, brown sugar and shea oil. The scrub does an excellent job at exfoliating the body and removing dead skin cells. This helps to reveal a more glowing, soft and smooth skin.

2. Mohini beauty co.

Mohini is a Nigerian beauty brand that produces both skincare and makeup products. In the pool of brushes and blushes is a cleansing balm that caught my attention. Known as “clean buttr”, this hydrating cleansing balm is great at effectively cleansing your face without drying it out. It is effective for double cleansing and taking off your makeup. It also contains key ingredients like sunflower seed oil and salicylic acid for repairing your skin’s barrier and to remove dead skin cells respectively.

3. Skin science Africa

You might get your top and favorite skincare products from this brand because they double as a skincare shop, but don’t forget to add their products to your cart also. Skin science is known to produce safe and effective products that tends to your skin’s needs and concern(s).

They have also succeeded in creating the first approved sunscreen(spf 50) in Nigeria. Their best seller which is also my favorite is the Gly/Sal 5-2 exfoliating cleanser. Formulated with 5% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid, you can reduce sebum and acne causing bacteria in your skin with this cleanser.

4. RD8 beauty labs

This brand is another brand you can trust your skin with. The HY-DR8 intense face moisturizer from this brand is an attestation. This lightweight moisturizing formula provides your skin with intense hydration. It also provides your skin with anti-inflammatory benefits as well as antioxidant protection. If you have dry skin or looking to repair your skin’s moisture barrier, this moisturizer should be in your stash.

5. Olaedo naturals

Founded by Ogbu Chidera, this brand features products that are formulated to tend to what the skin needs to keep it healthy. It was mainly founded to aid people become more confident in their skin regardless of whatever skin condition they might have.

The brand has products that consists of a facial cleanser, toner, body butters as well as body bath gels. Their classic body butter is an holy grail. Apart from the fact that you can use it as a body moisturizer, it also serves as an occlusive for your face at night.

6. House of Coco

House of coco is another Nigerian skincare brand that uses safe and effective means to cater for the skin. With their wide range of products you can put together a nice routine. Their products are also formulated with ingredients that can nourish the skin and others that can target certain skin concerns and needs.

The Ultra moisture creme is my favorite from this brand. It is formulated with the best of ingredients that your body will absolutely love.  The key ingredients in this product are Argan and Jojoba oil, Vitamin B3, Rosewater and Glycerin. They are responsible for moisturizing, brightening and hydrating the skin respectively.

7. Junederm skin

The brand name “Junederm”  is related to the founder’s personal life. “June”, being her birth month and “derm”, is from the word “epidermis” which means the topmost layer of the skin. Junederm was established in June, 2022 to contribute to the means of Nigerians having healthy skin. They also believe that the ultimate skin goal is better and healthier skin not perfect skin.

The plumping hydration complex serum which seems to be a best seller from this brand is a gem in a bottle. It is hydrating and great for the skin’s natural barrier. Consistent use of this serum helps to reveal a visibly healthy skin.

8. Skin by Tej

Skin by Tej is a luxury body care line. If you’re looking for Nigerian skincare brands with excellent body care products, this brand is one  of the brands you can count on.

Maybe you have heard of potion lotion from this brand, maybe not. This is a sign. If you have dry skin especially, this body lotion helps tackle dry and rough skin by exfoliating and moisturizing it. It also contains other beneficial ingredients like vitamin C, E and Niacinamide to brighten and soothe the skin.




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