8 Remarkable 2020 Beauty Trends... Do we want them this year?

8 Remarkable 2020 Beauty Trends… Do we want them this year?

The beauty industry was one of the industries that flourished regardless of the pandemic. In this case, influencers, creators and brands functioned almost as though nothing was wrong. Makeup was not only for beauty but a source of therapy for most. There were a couple of Tiktok as well as Instagram makeup challenges. Therefore, we had lots of colours, shimmer, shine and creativity.

Beauty in 2020 was less of rules and more about expression. I’d say 2020 was one of the boldest beauty years. If it looks good to you, put it out anyways. Personally, I think the regular standards of makeup were broadened. We had creators not just do makeup to enhance facial features; a lot of creators used their faces as canvas for painting, drawings etc.

Below, I will be highlighting a few frontline makeup trends.

8 Remarkable 2020 Beauty Trends… Do we want them this year?


8 Remarkable 2020 Beauty Trends... Do we want them this year?

Photo Credit: @Raggedyroyal

Blush usually is applied on the cheeks and most times in shades of pink. Now, we have makeup looks with it being extended above the cheek bone to the side of the eyes which seems to give the face a more narrowed look.

Furthermore, we have makeup artists now using this technique to intensify the already applied bronze. You would have also noticed as in the above picture, Orange was used.


Photo Credit: @RonkeRaji

This Lined crease look is achieved with a liner of any pigment of choice. However, instead of sticking to the lash line, it is then used to line the crease creating a pointed winged shape.


Photo Credit: @lhidiastanley

Here, highlights and glow dusts are applied in very distinct amounts for that epic glow. This helps to further define the nose, cheek bones and cupids bow. One had to be subtle in the past, but no more!



Photo Credit: @Viktohia_Beauty

In the past year more than ever, we had more people dying their brows or using other colours other than brown or black to define their brows. Particularly, this is often done to match the eyeshadow or lip colour(s).


Photo Credit: @MuaKaterina_batalova

If you thought lashes where crazy, it’s gotten crazier. Furthermore, creators/makeup artists now dye or add pigment to their lashes/lash extensions for more effect. I honestly like how that instantly makes a lot of difference.


Photo Credit:

Lower Lash-line eyeshadow is a very effective way of making your eyeshadow stand out and give your eyes a pop! Have small eyes? This does the trick. You can have it lined or otherwise smudged.


Photo Credit: @YamiAngelina

Winged Liners can be short or long, bold or thin. In addition, they give the illusion of foxy eye and sort of clean out some eyeshadow looks that seem to lack depth. In short, ever in doubt? Wing it!


8 Remarkable 2020 Beauty Trends... Do we want them this year?

Photo Credit: @Jackiewyers

Feel your eyes are big and want to make them look smaller? Certainly, using this technique would help you achieve that look. This is done by cutting your crease with dark shades, without actually creating definite lines.

In summary, I believe these techniques should all remain because, beauty should be interpreted personally. These trends often arise also to solve some problems or to give other options to achieving a desired makeup look.

Due to the bold statements involved, I am aware not everyone will like all the trends above. Nevertheless, will you like these trends to continue in 2021? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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