5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Size

The perfect size of a lady is like a perfect movie, you don’t see it too often. Everything around you can be fine, but the main thing is not there. Finding your perfect size is not an easy task for many, so we are offering some tips that hopefully will help you to get to know yourself better and find the girl of your dreams within.

1.   Know your figure and body shape

5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Size

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The first step to finding that perfect dress, blouse or any type of clothing you want to purchase is figuring out body shape. If you’ve got a straight body (narrow hips, no bust, no rear) certain dresses will flatter your body better than others. Having a full bust and full hip, with a narrower, defined waist also means you are hourglass shaped so you might want to opt for dresses that nip in at the waist and show off your figure.

2.   Check size guides online

5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Size

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Checking size guides online is also another great way to know your perfect size. You will get to know if you wear an extra-large, large, medium or small. You can do this by taking measurements of your waist, hips etc.

3.   Check the size charts at each store

Once you know your measurements, you’ll need to check out the different size charts at different stores. Many stores and many brands operate on their size charts. A lot of times you can check the label to find where your measurements fall, and this can help to choose a perfect fit.

4.   Check your height

This is often ignored but it is also a very important tip in figuring out a perfect size for a lady. A tall lady wouldn’t wear the same length of trousers a short lady will wear and vice versa.

5.   Ask for help

5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Size

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Sometimes the best way to find your perfect fit is by simply asking for help. The salespeople and retail assistants at stores are usually experienced and can quickly guess your size with a single glance. You won’t be the first person to be confused and these guys know that most stores have different size chats and methods for measuring clothes. As long as you know your measurements, they should be able to help you.

Now you’ve found your size

Nobody wants to feel self-conscious and the best way to beat this problem is to wear clothes that fit. A good-fitting dress, dress, or skirt can make you feel great about yourself, meanwhile, a bad-fitting one will do nothing but add stress and self-consciousness to your mind.





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