5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those 'HOLIDAY CALORIES'

5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those ‘HOLIDAY CALORIES’

The holidays have come to an end. The euphoria of the Christmas & New year celebrations with family and friends is slowly fading. However, the weight gained won’t, without some work. I know some already made resolutions to spend hours working out to get their desired body this year.

While making these plans and setting those weight loss goals, let’s bear in mind that it’s always best to form them as habits to keep us consistent. This will in turn help us reach them easily after a while.

If you’re like me that had lots of goat meat, coca cola, jolly rice this season. You need this post as much as I do. These are a few simple work out routines that can assist with burning the calories off. Kindly note that they are good for both men and women.

5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those ‘HOLIDAY CALORIES’

A. Mountain Climbers

5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those 'HOLIDAY CALORIES'


This is a cardio exercise and you need to use your entire body for it. Hence, you get to burn more calories in a short span of time. In 30min, you should have burned about 240-355.5 calories.


  • Start in plank position then place your shoulders over your hands
  • Involve your core and lift your right knee toward your chest
  • Revert to plank position and do same thing with your left knee
  • Repeat quickly

B. High-knee Running

The high-knee running exercise is a vigorous cardio work out and for that reason raises your heart rate at the same time strengthening your lower body.


  • Run in the same spot while lifting your knees, try to do this as high as possible
  • Swiftly pump your arms upward and downward

C. Jumping Jacks

5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those 'HOLIDAY CALORIES'

This is a basic cardio work out. You don’t need too much space to do jumping jacks, this makes it very easy to do even at home. It’s awesome for engaging the whole body. You can burn 8-11.8 calories per minute.


  • Start by standing with your feet together. Then place your arms at your sides
  • Now, jump with your legs shoulder-width apart and lift your arms over your head
  • Repeat to your satisfaction

D. Sprints

Running in general is great for burning calories. However, if you don’t have the time to go for a regular run you can do high-intensity sprints. This will shorten the time to be spent and rapidly burn calories. Don’t forget to warm up before you do sprints by doing high-knee running and jumping jacks. You should be able to burn 240-355.5 calories in 30mins.

E. Butt Kicks

5 Simple Work Out Routines to burn those 'HOLIDAY CALORIES'

Butt kicks are a similar cardio exercise as high-knee running. In 30 minutes you could quickly burn calories by doing butt kicks at a high intensity.


  • Lift one heel towards your butt
  • Do same with the other heel
  • Quickly alternate your heels while pumping your arms

To conclude, I will like to believe that this post has been helpful, and would contribute to you reaching your weight loss goals this year.

Do you already work out, which of these are your favourite and which others do you recommend? Will you try these out? Kindly tell us in the comment section. Hope to see you soon, kisses.





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