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5 Fruits that will help Build your Immunity against CORONAVIRUS

With the emergence of the new CoronaVirus, we have had lots of cases which emerged from wuhan, China. Rates of people infected and people dying from this highly infectious virus rise everyday across the globe. This virus has been said to result in chronic symptoms in persons who have compromised immune systems/ respiratory systems such as; the very young, older persons, persons with underlying Respiratory diseases (such as asthma), individuals that smoke to mention a few. People in more humid regions of the world are also more prone to having this virus as it thrives in cold temperature. This virus spreads from person to person very quickly and so, there are major measures that we have been advised to adapt to combat the spread such as;

  • Frequently washing of hands / Use of (Alcohol based) hand Sanitizers
  • Coughing into our elbows instead of into our palms
  • Avoiding crowded places, etc.

These practices are good preventive measures but, we also need to ensure that we are prepared to fight this virus. Since, there is no Known cure or vaccine now, we need to prepare our immune systems to help us fight. As in the case of common flu and most viruses, boosting the immune system aids greatly. I will like to buttress the fact that, I am in no way saying that these fruits CURE the virus. But, due to their very rich composition of vitamin C, they are highly recommended to boost the immune system. They are:

5 Fruits that will help Build your Immunity against CORONAVIRUS

5 Fruits that will help Build your Immunity against CORONAVIRUS


Lemon has a number of benefits which include treatment of stomach diseases, throat infections and lung infections. It is a citrus fruit which has one of the highest compositions of Vitamin c, which is about 64%. This makes it very helpful, can be used in meals, drank as Juice and also taken as Tea. It has been known to help with common flu and can be used to strengthen your immune system against the coronavirus. 

5 Fruits that will help Build your Immunity against CORONAVIRUS


The beauty of oranges, is that they are easily sourced, sweet and beneficial at the same time. This is the most common source of Vitamin c and unlike some fruits & veggies that are not always a delight to have, they are yummy to the taste buds. If you are a sweet tooth then definitely take as much oranges as you can to help boost your immune system. You can squeeze them into a glass and take as juice or have them as they are after you peel off the back. This will give your body ample supply of vitamin c to help combat viruses and other toxins.

5 Fruits that will help Build your Immunity against CORONAVIRUS


These may not be as sweet and tasty as oranges but, they are another great source of vitamins. It has a 44% composition of Vitamin c. This fruit has more Vitamin A than oranges and has a variety of beneficial nutrients such as folate, pottasium, calcium, thiamin etc which are all good for the body to be healthy.


Lime is another citrus fruit with loads of nutrients that help boost your immunity. It contains Vitamin c, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin,magnesium to mention a few. So, taking lime would be great because of all its benefits. It is highly Acidic therefore, very minute amounts should be taken to prevent stomach upset or ulcer. You can put drops into a cup of hot water and take while you have your meal occasionally.


This is not as common as others on this list. It is a subtropical citrus fruit that has a semi-sweet, semi-bitter taste. It has a 52% Vitamin C composition and 23% of Vitamin A. These are key nutrients for building strong a immune system, if you can get your hands on them that would be great.

In conclusion, as I mentioned before I am not saying that these fruits CURE CoronaVirus. I did some research and I am just trying to contribute my own bit to fighting this deadly disease that has crippled the Globe since its emergence. I am encouraging us all to take these along side other fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy. We should also follow the guidelines given by WHO and obey the rules our governments enforce for our safety, Practice Good hygiene and trust that we will move past this soon. I will be writing more posts about CoronaVirus after intensive research of course. To ensure that I will be giving you accurate information that will help you combat this disease. Please STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!



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