4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out

4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out

The beauty industry is a big one in the present day. We have beauty brands starting up every now and then around the globe. I am super proud to say we also have Black owned beauty brands with amazing products. Today, we will be talking about Nigerian beauty brands that I believe you should definitely check out if you’re looking to get beauty products in nigeria. What I love about these brands is that most of their products  are affordable, safe and effective.

I will be giving you an insight into these Nigerian beauty brands and what products they offer below.

4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out


4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out


Zaron cosmetics is one of the very first Nigerian beauty brands I got to know about. I have used so many of their products from their perfect finish setting spray to their 9-in-1 Splash eye shadow palette, lipsticks and more. Without a doubt, they have really great products and I have not been disappointed by any of the products I have got from them. They have a very wide range of beauty products available as far as I know.

Shop Here:

Instagram @ZaronCosmetics


Their face products are:

  • Powder ( Mattifying powder; 9 shades from light to dark, Maxi blend powder; 7 shades from caramel to brown, Loose powder; 4 shades )
  • Foundation ( Healthy glow foundation; with 8 shades, Perfect blend cream to powder; with 5 shades )
  • Concealer ( Liquid Concealer/ Highlight; light, medium, deep, earth and nubian )
  • Contour kit ( XD face definer)
  • Face primer ( Face primer & Pore minimizer)
  • Bronze palette ( Gold crush)
  • Mattifier (oil block mattifier)
  • Finishing spray ( perfect finish)
  • XOXO ( Sheer tint powder and Sculpt whiz)
  • Moisturizer (Skin regenerating hydrating serum)


Their Eye products are:

  • Brow  ( Matte eyebrow pencil and Eyebrow definer)
  • Eye liner ( Felt tip pen eyeliner, black velvet, skyline, Gel Eyeliner With 3 shades; blue, green & black and HD liquid liner )
  • Eyeshadow ( 9-in-1 Eyeshadow palette; splash, smudged & earth )
  • Mascara (lightening mascara, volumizing mascara and wink 4-in-1 mascara)
  • lashes (3d lash pack, chic, flutter, smize, wink, chic- strip lashes, flutter- strip lashes, vain- strip lashes and smize- strip lashes)
  • XOXO (lash’d Out)


Their Lip products are:

  • Lipstick ( 9 Shades; cowgirl, traffic jam, ebony, temptress, boss lady, butterscotch, cleopatra, passion and mariegold )
  • Matte Lip fix ( 12 shades; blondie, fury, magneto, sandy, shady, clay, neferti, highness, burnt, magenta, mauve, va va voom )
  • Lip gloss ( 18 shades; bomb, Kiki, pixie, sea shells, amethyst, missy, cinnamon, goth, play girl, pink pearl, 24 karat, vamped, sugar plum, hot chocolate, hawt, Sephora, spice and cutie )
  • Lip liner ( 11 shades; cappuccino, wild vines, prune juice, clay pot, stallion, bold, plum, tamed, red vine, fussy fusha as well as vivid )
  • Lipstick pen ( 5 shades; marvel, magnum, mega, mist and muse )


They have the following makeup accessories:

  • Professional brush set ( 14 brushes)
  • Angle brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Sharpener
  • Wipes
  • Powder brush
  • Makeup purse (Available in 4 colors; purple, blue, black and red)
  • Mini brush set ( 8 brushes)
  • Makeup sponge ( In black & green)
  • Face palette ( Contour kit with 8 shades)



Hegai and Esther is one of the fastest growing Nigerian beauty brands I know. They have a variety of products from makeup products, refills, accessories to tools. Particularly, I am in love with the shades of their lip products most especial from their velvet collection.

Shop Here:

Instagram @HegaiandEsther


Their face products are as follows:

  • Flash pen highlighter pen
  • Foundation ( With shades; wafer, butter, biscuit, mango, carrot, cookie, bronze, brownie, cocoa and coffee. Which range from light to dark )
  • Photo perfect setting powder ( With shades; tinge, caramel, fade and nutmeg )
  • Concealer ( With shades; girl next door, so bourgeois, here to stay, mama gave me, smell the coffee and fierce )
  • Pressed powder (With shades; 22, 23, 24, 35, 36, 37, 38 )



Their eye products are as follows:

  • Eye shadow palette ( Home pride eye shadow palette – 18 colors, Stay true Eyeshadow palette- 18 colors )
  • Right to choose Collection ( 3 color empty eyeshadow palette, Customized magnetic palette, Double sided customizable magnetic palette )
  • Eye shadow Refill ( Categories; Metallic frost, matte, wet diamond )
  • Eye liner (Gel liner)
  • Brow products (Brow pow! Sculpting brow pencil & Eyebrow definer)


Their lip products are as follows:

  • Artistic Matte liquid ( With shades; Bamboo, Beach, Berry Much, Butterscotch, Cuddle, Grapeyard, Lagos party, Lip Whip, Morning After, Pick-a-Boo, Snack, So Extra, Spice Girl, Untamed, Whisper and Wild juice )
  • Velvet Matte Lipstick ( With shades; Bare Hug, Brew, Calvary, Divine, Jade, Kwin, Melanin, Milky Way, Show Off, Trinity, Void and waizu )
  • Lip gloss ( With shades; Drama Queen , Mirror mirror, Like a Girl, Naive And Pulp Culture )


In addition, they have tools ranging from Apparel (Makeup fall out protection gear), brushes, cases, makeup hygiene essentials, chairs, mirrors to blending sponges etc.


4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out


I recently discovered the Nuban beauty brand and I am utterly attracted to them because of the way they package their products. This is one of the Nigerian beauty brands I really admire. I have seen so many beauty influencers recommend their in my skin foundation and concealer. Purchased one of each for myself and I am absolutely blown away, I love love love!

Asides these they have other products from accessories, eye shadows, lipsticks to loose powders and more.

Shop Here:

Instagram @Nubanbeauty


Their Face products are as follows:

  • Foundation ( 16 Shades ranging from Light, Warm to Deep )
  • Concealer ( 10 shades ranging from 041 to 050 )
  • Highlighter

– Loose Highlighterhollup, accolades, mehn and valar 

– Liquid HighlighterArya, aurora, sizzle, ecstasy

– 5-in-1 Highlighter paletteD’GLOW palette 

  • Powder ( 5 shades; alabaster, mustard, caramel, Sahara, sienna )
  • Makeup base / primers ( Mattifying & Hydrating Base)


Their Eye products are as follows:

  • Eyeshadow palettes ( Eclipse, Hybrid, Intensified, Obsession, starlet, Wishes)
  • Eye lashes and lash accessories


Their Lip products are as follows:

  • Pro lipsticks ( They come in two categories; Collection & Singles)

– Pro matte 1 Mini lipstick collection has; diva, flame, flacon, voodoo and passion shades.

– Pro matte 2 Mini lipstick collection has; cocoa, orchid, sassy, hush and safari. 

– Pro metallic Mini lipstick collection has; krypto, marigold, cleopatra, unicorn and bae.

– Pro gloss Mini lipstick collection has; scandal, bliss, lily, sleek and nobel )


They have beauty sponges, brushes and other Makeup accessories.

  • Pro blending sponges
  • Brushes ( 11pc makeup brush and pro blending sponge set, NX-51 Eyebrow / concealer ER Brush, NF-14 pro highlighter brush, NY-33 precise blending brush medium , NF-15 flat angled foundation brush, NX-52 liner brush, NY-31 eyeshadow blending brush large, NY-32 exact blend brush and Luxurious makeup brush set )
  • Accessories


4 NIGERIAN BEAUTY BRANDS You need to check out


Last but not the least, branding is a big deal for me and Yanga beauty gets it right. Decidedly, With their unique designs and attention to detail I’d say watch out!

This brand is well known for their speciality with giving seamlessly flawless brows. They have other products but, their brow products are amazing. More so,they have some newly launched products which is the PRYM MATTE face primer and the SET TO GO  makeup setting spray. However, I have not used them yet but I love the bottle finish for these two products and I trust they’d be really good products. This is because, while they do not have a wide range of products at the moment, the products they have are amazing.

Shop Here:

Instagram @YangaBeauty


These are their face products:

  • Candid sparkles
  • Candid Glow (Loose Highlighter in different shades; yowa, kporkish, gbam, osheyy, oh baby and waawu )
  • Prym matte (Face primer )
  • Set to go (Makeup setting spray)


These are their eye products:

  • Browlution ( a super slim retractable eyebrow pencil with a brow brush on one end and an accurate tip on the other)
  • Eyetitude ( a smooth retractable eyeliner that comes in two shades; white and Black )
  • Eyetention Mascara
  • Eyessurance eyeshadow primer
  • Enlash glue (lash adhesive)
  • Enlash ( Eye lashes)
  • Browlific tinted base ( used to set brows for a bleached brow look)
  • Arielle Eyeshadow palette ( Has 8 shimmery and 7 matte highly pigmented colors)
  • Liquid Liner (Liquid eye liner)


These are their Lip products:

  • Liquid Matt lipstick (10 shades of Matte lipsticks; ezer, peace, oasis, bliss, Jones, zia, Choco, brownie, Kc and  max)
  • Liptastic ( 7 shades of Glossy lipsticks; gosh, wow, yo, oyinkan, chei, yass and Claire  )


  • Disposable threading gloves (for brow threading )
  • Disposable hair net
  • Makeup purse
  • Flat verge brush (for drawing brows)
  • Beauty sponges
  • safety face shield
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers


I have used products from most of these brands and I believe this post is a personal recommendation. In addition, I have seen many good reviews from the Nigerian beauty community about these brands.

Despite this, I am in no way discrediting any other Nigerian beauty brands or saying these are Top beauty brands in Nigeria. In conclusion, these brands are just brands whom I have been really Impressed by and deserve to be recommended. You can also recommend other beauty brands in the comment section below.



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