2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

The fashion and textile industry globally stays topping the charts as one of the largest and fastest growing sectors. The 2022 fashion trends have a classy, yet witty twist to them. This invariably makes the fashion industry ever evolving and mutating with style combinations from earlier centuries (giving vintage vibes) with a new era infusion. 

Additionally, according to Statista, in 2021, over 31% of individuals aged 24-30 visited online fashion retailers’ sites in the US. This goes to say that countries with younger people dominating the population tend to be more fashion-centered than the rest. 

How To Blend with The Trend This Year

Fashion is contagious. New fashion trends tend to spread like wildfire, especially with a community of fashion-forward people. With the advent of events such as the Milan fashion week, New York fashion show, Paris fashion show, GT Bank fashion week, and fashion brand launches, an array of fashion elements from textiles to accessories are showcased through runways and fashion fairs. Whether you are a fashion minimalist or an extremist, there’s something new you can always try to express who you are. These 2022 fashion trends will definitely give you a run for your money!

Here are 10 ways you can stand out with the latest fashion trends.

  • Monochrome

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: ASOS

Go monochrome with not just white and black. Make your pastel and bright-coloured outfits more interesting by combining different shades of them at a go. 

  • Boot-cut Trousers 

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: Pinterest 

Wide-leg pants which used to be considered ‘’old school’’ are now a must-have for every fashionista. This trend has even gone on to be made into pant suits that can be paired with a smart shirt, and jeans that can be paired with your favorite top. 

  • Adire Patterns 

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: Scqueeze

Tie and Dye originating from Abeokuta in Nigeria is one fashion trend making a comeback. Known for its durability and rich African history, it is unisex and suitable for every occasion. Adire comes in colorful and versatile varying prints and patterns. This African fabric is now being made into outfit choices like shirts, hoodies, boubous, etc. 

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: Pinterest

  • Bucket hats

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: Urban Outfitters

This ‘90s trend has become a must-have in the wardrobes of both the old and young. The different versions and materials they exist in make it easy to wear with almost any outfit. This is so stylish; you can rock it on both sides i.e. inside out.

  • Crochet and Knit Wear

Image source: Ifeelsocool 

Additionally, handmade outfits are the in thing this season. Knitted and crocheted wears like sweaters, jackets, tops, bra tops, and even backpacks are a great way to take your look from basic to note-worthy. 

  • Boots

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source: Pinterest

Whether knee-length, thigh-high or calf-low, you can’t go wrong with boots for a chic look. Furthermore, this shows us there are boots for every outfit, season and individual.  

  • Corduroy

Image source: Urban Outfitters

From trousers to shirts to pinafores, this fashion piece is proving to be timeless. Although this fabric is unique, that’s not its only plus, its durable and very easy to maintain.

  • Silk

2022 Fashion Trends You Should Try

Image source:

Evidently, this staple offers both formal and casual purposes in shirts, dresses, and scarves that can be rocked by both men and women. 

  • Corsets

Image source: House of CB London

Indeed, dating back to the medieval era, corsets have seeped back into the “owambe” scene. You can equally style them with formal shirts or even wear them singly.

Conclusively, fashion is transcending just clothes and fabric. It is a lifestyle, and the list goes on, so be sure to switch it up.

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